Beaune & Tourism

Beaune, capital of Burgundy wines

A stay at the resort hotel Hostellerie de Levernois gives lovers of fine wines the opportunity to wander their curiosity and their palate in the cellars of Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines. 5 kilometers away from the Levernois area, the fortified city opens onto the vineyards of the Côte d’Or and its famous villages, Pommard, Volnay, Meursault and many others. Here the climates, these parcels of vines drawn by the man since the Cistercian monks, completely shaped the landscapes. To understand them, the Climate House in Beaune offers an interactive tour. To go further, the mobile application ClimaVinea allows to explore the 1400 Climates and so-called places of the Côte d’Or and to geolocate in the vineyards.

But Beaune is also a maze of narrow cobbled streets, ramparts, charming stalls and beautiful monuments. During your visit to Beaune, two sites are essential : the Hospices de Beaune founded in 1443, at the same time place of the auctions of wines but especially museum of the Hôtel Dieu sheltering the extraordinary work of the « Jugement dernier » of Rogier Van Der Weyden ; the Moutarderie Fallot, guardian of the know-how of the mustard with the stone wheel. 
All year round, the city hosts international festivals such as the Police Film Festival, Jazz Festival, Baroque Opera House or Boogie-Woogie.